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Sweetie Blooms Shawl Sweetie Blooms Shawl

Sweetie Blooms organic cotton blanket 
Danity Bubz Shawl Danity Bubz Shawl

Gorgeous baby girl organic cotton luxury shawl. off white  

“FIT FOR PRINCE AND PRINCESS” Wrap your Babies in our gorgeous soft Organic Cotton Luxuary Shawls 
Cheetah Print Blanket Cheetah Print Blanket

John Richmond blanket, JR initial Cheetah Print with a bow in the center, frill knit around the edges, match back with the Cheetah Print Overall and Cheetah print shoes.   Sold Separately.   made in italy.
Rosemary Blanket Rosemary Blanket

The Rosemary Blanket goes well with any of the Rosemary Collection. All sold separately.
Ciccino Lana Blanket Ciccino Lana Blanket

This beautiful ‘Lana’ knitted Blanket has gorgeous baby pink love hearts with an attachment of diamonds on them, it includes a baby pink bow with an attachment of white fluffy ball. Made in Italy 
IMG_0433 IMG_0433

Ciccino Girls Pink Flower Blanket