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SOAPBOX MIDNIGHT NAVY BODYSUIT This velvet moonlight navy bodysuit is ABSALOUTELY GORGEOUS perfect for any occasion, open back with a bow to tie, blue pearls with petal on the round collar, match back with any essential piece in your girls closet also with our STUNNING Soapbox range.  Made in South Africa ...

DESCRIPTION  MARIE BODY SUIT GORGEOUS Girls body suit with embroidered lace and pearls on the shoulders. Perfect for any formal occasion 

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Carrement Beau Body Y97070

Ciccino short sleeve bodysuit, lace trimming, lace rose petal attached in the centre, ruffle lace on the back bottom.

Ciccino Singlet Bodysuit with Rose & Lace 100% cotton

Ciccino Baby Shortsleeved Bodysuit with Ruffled Trim

Ciccino Baby Singlet Bodysuit with Ruffled Trim

Ciccino Baby Girls Shortsleeved Bodysuit With Lace Detail

Ciccino Baby Girls Longsleeved Bodysuit With Frill Detail